Tips for our trips

Tips for our trips



Ireland has very changeable weather at times and you can get all the seasons in one day.  The temperatures are generally very mild from middle of March onward, until the end of October. Please be prepared with a lightweight raincoat and stout shoes. Runners/Trainers are not the best footwear for our Irish climate.




Normal Voltage in Ireland is 220V and you will need an adapter for plug sockets, (which are three pin UK style) if coming from Europe or the USA. They are available in numerous stores and hotels if you require one. If you are using electrical appliances from the USA most are 110V. Therefore you will need a stepup transformer which is hard to find in Ireland. All hotels we use will have Hair Dryers etc. There is usually a two pin 110V socket in the bathroom for shavers etc. Beware that these shaver sockets are not designed to run hairdryers or curling tongs etc as the electrical load is too great.




You will be staying in good quality comfortable hotels throughout  your tour. You will find the hotel staff friendly and more than willing to help with any problems you have. Your tour guide from CELTIC JOURNEY LTD is there to help if you do have any problems with your Hotel etc.




Ireland has not had a tipping culture in the past, but it is becoming more common. There is no percentage as in the USA. If you feel you’re getting good service and wish to leave a tip feel free to do so. One or two Euro would be sufficient.




Ireland is part of the European Union and the currency is Euro. There are exchange bureaus throughout Ireland. Most Hotels offer exchange facilities.




Credit cards are used throughout Ireland and there are ATM’s everywhere that will except your cards




Ireland is generally a safe place to be. But please be aware, there is crime. So please take care of your belongings such as handbags and purses etc, particularly in city areas. Your tour guide will advise you as we travel around the country.


If you have any problems that you feel are not being resolved, you can talk to the “Boss” via mobile telephone, her number is in your information pack supplied at the beginning of your tour. Your tour guide will allow you the use of a mobile phone if you need to contact her.


We want you to be completely happy with your tour and we do our best to make sure there are no problems, so you can enjoy a comfortable stress free holiday in lovely Ireland.

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